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Updated Settlements of Note: 

$2.5 Million Motor Vehicle death

$750,000 Work Place Injury

$350,000 Work Injury

$200,000 Uninsured Motorist Case

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We will fully explain our representation terms and the options you have  so you can make informed decisions about your case. We will explain in  detail our attorney fee arrangements and give you a copy of all  communications we make with adjustors or attorneys. We will represent  you personally. We represent you in all your cases that might arise out  of your injury. Many lawyers do not handle the SOCIAL SECURITY  DISABILITY claim that is a part of many PERSONAL INJURY OR WORKER  COMPENSATION--they send them to us. We are always available for your  questions. We have confidence you will be satisfied with our legal  representation. Insurance companies, adjustors, and defense lawyers know  our credentials and experience and that we fully and competently  represent our clients. Please consider these facts before calling a  "Billboard" or "TV" lawyer: They cannot or do not practice everywhere  their advertisements reach. They have big dollar advertising budgets and  that pressures them to settle cases quickly. Many are very  inexperienced and have chosen to advertise as a quick way to get cases.  They do not handle all cases personally. Insurance companies, adjustors  and defense attorneys know them. They pass most cases off to less  experienced lawyers which require you to pay a larger attorney fee  without even knowing or being informed. You may never even meet them  personally. 

We have a proven record of over +60 combined years of success in  handling PERSONAL INJURY, VEHICLE INJURY, PRODUCT INJURY, WORKER  COMPENSATION, WRONGFUL DEATH, SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY, INSURANCE  CLAIMS, REAL ESTATE CLOSINGS AND CRIMINAL LAW. Check out our credentials  and information in our ATTORNEY PAGE and we believe you will be  impressed by what you read about our qualifications, skill level,  successful representation, philosophy and personal commitment to our  clients. We personally handle the cases of the people we represent, and  both of us know what is going on in every case we handle. Most cases we  handle jointly as a team in preparation, settlement, mediation or trial. 

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