Representing Persons Accused of Criminal Violations

Charles E Floyd III has been counsel five times in the most serious criminal  case of all, capital murder. He has handled numerous lesser charges successfully. He stands ready to advise and represent those accused of criminal activity.  In his years of criminal representation he has gained the experience to recognize that  the practice of criminal law  involves not only legal knowledge of federal and state criminal and constitutional law, but also a willingness to study and learn about human nature in all of its diversity. He understands a criminal lawyer must appreciate  and take into consideration the personalities of the accused, witnesses, law enforcement, prosecutors, judges, and most importantly, ,jurors. He realizes that it takes time and experience for an attorney to learn how to prevail despite the preconceived ideas and judgments that come to be a part of any criminal investigation and prosecution. He appreciates that human nature is fallible and exhibits its greatest fallibility, as to bias, prejudice and preconception in criminal cases. He has passed the test of training and experience in such cases. He is respectful to witnesses, media, courts, prosecutors and law enforcement officials because it pays dividends in many ways when dealing with people. He has learned that more bees can be drawn to make honey by offering them sugar than vinegar. He knows that confrontation is counter productive and self defeating. He realizes that flattery can get you places insult will deny, Once he accepts employment he will represent  and defend the constitutional legal rights of his client despite public disparity and opposition.