One can see that our firm has had a wide experience in handling personal injury, worker compensation and social security cases in the Phenix City, AL and Columbus, GA area. And these are only a few of the total we have handled successfully over 40 years. Most of those listed were jury verdicts or settlements during trial. In a number of them the insurance company of the defendant did not make any offer of settlement. Our firm has handles log truck injuries, railroad yard injuries, ditch cave-ins, steelworker fall, tractor trailer wrecks, cotton mill machine arm injury, bus passenger, Uninsured motorists insurance claims, foundry machine injury, dump truck injury, 4 wheeler injury, passenger car injury, worker compensation cases in Alabama and Georgia, Independent contractor injury, Exploding propane tank injury, insurance bad faith claim, wrong-knee surgery, medication overdose death, and even a public utility wrongful termination of service. 

Add to that the thousands of worker compensation and social security disability cases we have successfully handled in the Phenix City, AL and Columbus, GA area. Then there are  the  criminal cases we both handled in the past, the real estate closings and the many wills, will probates and administrations. City Attorney twice. We have had a broad and interesting practice over our careers.